Mix Products
We have developed a strong reputation for producing premium ice cream, no sugar added ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sherbet bases to meet our customers' needs. Many of our mix products are available by the box (two 2.5 gallon bags per box), while others can be shipped in totes or by tanker truck if larger quantities are necessary. All of our mix products are formulated for use in batch or continuous freezers. Special batches of custom-made mix can be produced (certain minimums may be required). Once it gets to your door, you can flavor and freeze the product to produce a dessert that is uniquely yours!
Tanker Truck
Tote of mix
Boxed mix
Types of Mixes
ice cream mixes
For years we have produced old fashioned ice cream mixes made with the finest ingredients available. We use farm-fresh cream and mix, pure cane sugar, corn sweeteners, and a trace of natural gelatin stabilizer. Bliss 14% and 16% ice cream mixes are our most popular butterfat levels. We also produce private label mixes to suit the needs of individual ice cream manufacturers. These mixes can range from 10-18% butterfat.
no sugar added ice cream mix
When it made its debut, our hard-pack "Simply Scrumptious" No Sugar Added Ice Cream earned rave reviews from both calorie-conscious consumers and diabetics. Therefore, we decided to make our 14% butterfat mix made with Splenda® Brand sucralose available to you! Compare our mix to other no sugar added products on the market today - your taste buds will not believe it is anything but premium ice cream!
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Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Frozen Yogurt
frozen yogurt mixes
Hard-pack frozen yogurt continues to be a popular alternative to ice cream and we offer a variety of mixes to suit your needs. Our most popular base is a delicious 5% butterfat, though we also manufacture non-fat frozen yogurt mix and a new product we call Yo·Bliss™ Tart Non-fat Frozen Yogurt. It has higher levels of yogurt culture and greater acidity for a tart taste and smooth finish, just like the health-conscious frozen yogurts developed in the 1970s.
Lime Sherbet
sherbet mix
Sherbet is an old-time favorite that brings out the best in fruit flavors. Our delicious, milk-based sherbet mix is made with 2% butterfat.
gelato mixes
Although we do not produce gelato mix in boxes as an in-stock item for general purchase, we do have experience in producing custom-developed gelato mixes based upon customer needs, as long as certain minimums are met.
Vanilla Soft Serve box
ultra pasteurized (uht) flavored soft serve mixes
Though we do not manufacture these mixes, we keep 5% and 10% vanilla and chocolate ultra-pasteurized soft serve mixes in stock as a convenience to our hard-pack ice cream customers. Please call to ask about availability, especially in the winter as we keep stocks lower to ensure fresher codes.
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